About Me

Forough Alaei

Forough Alaei was born in 1989 in Iran, where she studied law. She was also a keen painter.

When undertaking her undergraduate studies, she began to recognize the enormous inequality faced by women. Searching for a new avenue to express these thoughts, she turned to photography. As a painter, she had a keen eye for color and framing; and as a law student, she was versed on the difficulties facing Iranian women.

Alaei started photography in 2015 and become a photojournalist for Donya-e-Eghtesad newspaper, the most famous economic daily in Iran. In a short time, she became fond of documentary photography and filmmaking.

Based on her background, as well as research interests, she explores issues related to humanity and social matters with a special focus on women’s right. Her work follows Iranian female football fans who are banned from entering the stadiums. Forough is subject to many risks while carrying out her projects, which can be considered a sign of her passion for giving a voice to her subjects.

March 2016

Documentary Photographer

Donya-e-Eghtesad Weekend Edition
March 2017 – Now

Editor of Photography

Donya-e-Eghtesad Daily
Oct 2015- March 2017


Publications and Awards


World Press Photo Contest 2019

Nominee for “Crying for Freedom“, Sport, Stories

76th Annual Picture of the Year Competition (POY76)

 First Place for “Let Me In“, Multimedia Daily Life 

Paris Match Magazine

Photographer of a 6 pages report on a girl, who disguises herself as men to enter football stadium in Iran 


Documentary Photography

Documentary Film Making